Vue – Project Prerequisites

What do we need for our Vue Project?

  • Set up a GitHub repository
  • Use GitHub Desktop to clone the repo to a file on your local drive
  • Open the command terminal in the local desktop file
  • Ensure Node.js is installed –

Here are the plugins we will install for our project

How do we use the Vue CLI to install the project?

Start by adding the following code:

npm init vue@latest

Give the project a name, and follow the prompts that are provided.

The following code can be used in the terminal:

cd level-tech // Change Directory
npm install // Install Package
npm run dev // Compile and Hot-Reload for Development
npm run build // Compile and Minify for Production

How do we add the WordPress API?

We start by setting the package in the package.json file using the below code in the terminal:

npm install vue-resource --save

If this gives an error then we need to run the install command to install the resource:

npm install

We will also install the “Axios” package to assist with our API calls:

npm install axios

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