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I love problem solving!

As a Front-End Developer, I thrive on using my problem-solving skills, strong teamwork ability and Agile mindset to help deliver projects and goals on time and with lasting effects & results for my company. I bring a healthy and diverse skill set which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HubSpot, Hubl, WordPress, Woo Commerce, SEO, Elementor and a host of other soft and hard skills.

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Front End focused (but not exclusive).

My primary development takes place in HubSpot and WordPress, utilising Html, CSS, JavaScript and Hubl as well as various frameworks, libraries and CMS platforms. I have thrived in the role and developed a diverse range of hard and soft skills which I have used to deliver and support the development of websites and projects. Please see a list of just some of the skills that I will be able to bring to your team!

Front End Development
Web Designer 90%
HubSpot Developer (Diamond Partner)
Web Designer 90%
Problem Solving
Web Designer 90%
Wordpress Developer
Web Designer 90%
CSS Development
Web Designer 90%

I am always open to discuss new ideas and to help with anything dev or squash related!

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Front-End Developer Learn New Words
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Front-End Developer Learn New Words
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